Murphy bed bookshelves are among the most versatile accessories you can add to your traditional wallbed furniture unit. The myriad of uses that built-in bookshelf piers offer makes your Murphy bed even more valuable as it maximizes functionality in your home. 

At Wallbeds n’ More in Keller, Texas we work closely with our clients to customize their wall bed in a way that best suits their needs and style. Here are ten creative ideas to help you plan for your new bookcase Murphy bed!

1. Game Room

If your family loves having fun together, creating a spare bedroom that is also a game room is easy with a Murphy bed bookshelf. Bookshelves can store board games, video games, sporting equipment, or even supplies for activities such as ping-pong or movie night. 

2. Traditional Library

Many people dream of having an extensive library in their home but feel they don’t have room for it. With a Murphy bed bookshelf unit like our library model, you don’t have to give up your guest room in order to have the library of your dreams! 

3. Kids’ Rooms

If the thought of keeping your child’s room organized keeps you up at night, a Murphy bed with bookshelves is the perfect solution. By adding a bookcase Murphy bed to your youngster’s room, you can encourage them to keep their items organized on the shelves. 

Proudly (and neatly) display things like awards and trophies to remind them of their accomplishments. When more floor space is needed for play time, the bed can be hidden against the wall appearing as a stylish cabinet. The lowering and raising mechanism on our wallbeds make the process quick, easy, and safe. 

4. Home Office

The great thing about Murphy bed bookshelves is that they can be open-air or concealed by cabinetry. If you are building your dream home office you may want to display certain items while keeping others hidden such as messy looking chords or Wi-Fi routers. 

By adding a Murphy bed bookcase with solid cabinet doors, you can keep things like pens and notebooks handy without having your office look cluttered. Store important records and paperwork by adding built-in drawers below your desk.

5. Collectible Display Area

If you have a special collection, artifacts, or artwork that you want to display, we can help you by adding glass cabinet doors to your Murphy bed bookshelf. 

Not only will this keep your collectibles safe and dust-free, but special accent lighting can also be added to spotlight any pieces you’d like to bring attention to. This unique touch gives your room a boost of style as well. 

6. Nursery Room

You might not think of a baby or toddler‘s room as the place for a wallbed, but the nursery is actually a great choice! Because the crib and changing table already take up space, a wall bed is the perfect addition to maximize floor space while still having a guest bed for when grandparents, aunts and uncles, or friends come to visit or help with the baby. 

The addition of bookshelves on one or both sides of the wallbed provides an easy way to store photographs, keepsakes, books, and stuffed animals on the shelves. Cabinets or drawers are great places for baby clothes, diapers, and other supplies. 

7. Home Gym / Guest Room Combo

Creating a home gym is an exciting way to maximize the functionality of any room. When you make a gym/guest room combination you will need floor space when exercising and also a place to store your equipment. 

With a custom-built Murphy bed bookshelf furniture unit you can store exercise equipment like yoga mats, workout clothes, resistance bands, and other needed items while still being ready for company to arrive. 

8. Main Bedroom

Murphy beds are extremely practical in guest rooms, but adding a Murphy bed in your main bedroom is also a wonderful way to increase space and make your home more useful. By adding a queen or king size Murphy bed from Wallbeds n’ More, you’ll rest easy in a comfortable bed that provides additional floor space when hidden.

By adding bookcases to your Murphy bed, you have the added benefit of beautiful storage for your reading material, glasses, photographs, and other items you like having nearby. 

9. Mother-in-law Unit

If you have a separate space attached to your house via a mother-in-law cottage, basement, or attic, it’s often a small area and it is essential for the space to be used efficiently. When you add bookshelves to your wall bed you increase the ways to use the extra room and add character to it as well. 

We also recommend adding a wardrobe to your multi-use hidden bed so that small rooms without closet space can still provide an area for hanging up clothes. 

10. Crafting Room

If you or a family member loves to craft or sew, you know that those hobbies take up quite a bit of space and have many necessary materials. By creating a crafting or sewing area with a Murphy bed bookshelf desk combination, you can add a comfortable place for crafting or using the sewing machine that also provides plenty of storage for materials. 

Use drawers to hold ribbon, scissors, thread, and fabric. Shelves can be used to store additional supplies or display finished crafting projects. 

Order a Customized Bookshelf Murphy Bed

At Wallbeds n’ More in Keller, Texas we are experts at building a versatile wall bed that supports your lifestyle and matches the interior design of your home. Customize hardware, finish color, wood type, and any add-ons with our expert team of space-maximizing designers. 

Stop by our showroom or give us a call at (817) 658-5450 to schedule an appointment to get started today! 

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