When you’re thinking of your holiday shopping list, you’re probably wondering what each individual family member would like most, but what about considering a gift for the whole family? 


At Wallbeds n’ More Keller, we want to help you come up with some gift ideas the whole family could enjoy together. Not only could a family gift help to save money on individual gifts, but a joint present may also bring everyone even closer for the holidays. Take a look at our top gift ideas for 2022 for the whole family! 


A Hidden Bed Furniture System


If you are thinking of a way to incorporate sleep overs, family game nights, homework help, and evening storytime all in one, a murphy or “hidden bed” furniture unit for the entire family would be the perfect gift. Not only could a wall bed host guests comfortably and give you more space for a home office, fitness center, or playroom, but it could also create instant space for family time together. 


By choosing a murphy hidden bed with a fold down table top or desk like the Barrington Table Bed, you will have an immediate spot for family game nights, art projects, sewing, crafting, or playing with the little ones. 


Your hidden wall bed does not have to go in a guest room either, it could actually be the main bed in any room in your home. Easily transition a child’s room to a playroom or a main bedroom suite to an office using a wall bed with a desk and bookshelves to hold and organize your materials.


A Charging Station for Everyone’s Devices


There are many affordable portable charging stations, such as this multi-device charger, that can plug-in up to five devices at one time so that there is no more fighting over outlets or chargers in the home. Best of all, if you choose a new wall bed furniture unit, we can customize it to include USB ports to make device charging easy. Everyone can charge tablets and phones with no arguing or lost cords!


A Colorful Popcorn Maker


Family movie nights are a delightful tradition and by purchasing a fun hot air popcorn popper you assure movie night just got a whole lot better! You can pull down your murphy bed and grab a toasty bowl of popcorn to have weekly movie nights that everyone can look forward to together. 


A Scratch-off World Travel Map


For a family who loves to travel together, choosing a world travel scratch off map is a wonderful gift. You can scratch off each place that you’ve been together to reveal a colorful part of the map underneath. This present also helps families dream big together for the upcoming vacations and share their hopes of where each family member wants to go next. 


A Bluetooth Wi-Fi Portable Projector That Connects to Your Phone 


This 1080p portable projector can be set up in your living room, office, or wherever you have your custom-made hidden wall bed to project right on the wall for classic holiday movie marathons, family slideshows looking back through the years, or favorite YouTube videos you want to stream off your phone and share at family gatherings. 


Your phone connects easily through Bluetooth and the projector runs on Wi-Fi, but the best part is that this projector is extremely portable. It comes with a small case which makes it easy to take with you on the go. Bring it to hotel rooms on vacation, use it in the backyard, or take it with you to the grandparents’ house to entertain the kids while the adults visit. 


Step Into Our Hidden Wall Bed Showroom


At Wallbeds n’ More in Keller, Texas, we take pride in creating amazing hidden wall beds that make wonderful gifts for the entire family. We hope you’ll make an appointment so that we can show you all we have to offer. 


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