Here at Wallbeds “n” More in Keller, Texas we have over 10 years of experience in making all of your home makeover dreams come true! One thing we’ve heard again and again is how many people want their very own home library or reading nook to unwind, study, or relax in, but don’t want to give up their guest room in the process.


Over the years we’ve offered many different models of fold down Murphy beds, but some take the cake as far as creating your ideal home reading nook. When you’re looking for “wall beds near me,” look no further than Wallbeds “n” More in Keller, Texas and let us help you create the literary retreat you’ve been waiting for.


The Library Model Bookshelf Murphy Bed


The Library model is the quintessential book lover’s dream with six stacks of bookshelves that go almost from floor to ceiling. The most innovative part of this special design is that you don’t have to remove any books or objects from the shelves before transforming your room into a guest suite or naptime retreat! Simply pivot the two center bookshelf columns to either side, and the books will stay right where they are while you pull down your Murphy bed mattress from the wall. 


The Library model comes in twelve different Alder wood finishes or eight different Oak finishes and can be customized with additional storage options or a lighting package to make it even more personalized for your home. 


The Ryland Table Bookshelf Murphy Bed


The Ryland Table Bed model is a spectacularly designed Murphy bed, and just one of the amazing models you’ll find when you search “wall beds near me” in Keller Texas. Our Wallbeds “n” More showroom features several different bookshelf Murphy beds that have the ability to create a beautiful reading nook, but the Ryland Table Bed also has a fold down table. This means you can choose to sit at a table while reading or lay out on a mattress that folds down from the wall (we see cozy naps in your future if you happen to fall asleep with your novel)! 


Add Additional Storage Features to Maximize Functionality


With our bookcase Murphy bed models, you can choose from ten or more different wood finishes to complement any interior design style. Our furniture should not only blend seamlessly with your decor scheme, but actually enhance it. With most models, there is also the ability to add additional storage features such as:


  • drawers 
  • cabinets 
  • an armoire or wardrobe to add closet space
  • additional shelves 


Make an Appointment at Our Showroom Today!


At Wallbeds “n” More in Keller, Texas we are proud to help you create the Murphy bed library or reading nook that is designed perfectly for you and your family. 


Make an appointment at our showroom today so that one of our friendly and knowledgeable sales associates can hear what you’re looking for and help you create the ideal bookshelf Murphy bed for whichever space in your home you’re considering. 


Our business hours are 11am-4pm Monday through Saturday and 1pm – 4pm on Sundays, and we can be reached at (817) 658-5450.