When creating a home gym, you want to maximize your space as much as possible. Whether you have a large home or a small one, adding a hidden bed to a spare room is an excellent way to create both a place for exercise and a comfortable sleeping arrangement when hosting guests. 

Cube or Chest Beds

One type of Murphy bed we frequently recommend at Keller Wallbeds n’ More for the purpose of creating space for a home gym / guest room combo is what’s called a cube or chest bed. Hidden chest or cube beds are especially excellent at transforming a spare guest room into a workout space and back again for many reasons:

  • Chest beds fold up into a surprisingly small furniture piece, allowing space for larger exercise equipment 
  • These hidden beds function as accent furniture in the room, providing a decorative surface space
  • Our most compact units, cabinet beds are free-standing and slide snuggly up against a wall or into a corner and can be relocated more easily than a wall bed
  • They provide ample floor space for yoga mats, aerobics equipment, stretching, or floor exercises such as Zumba or Pilates
  • The small size of a closed chest bed allows them to be an unobtrusive piece of furniture in a home gym setting 


Customizations for Your Hidden Chest Bed

Just like our larger Murphy bed units at Wallbeds n More Keller, you can customize your chest bed with a variety of styles and finishes. You can choose from ten different colors to best match your interior design scheme. 


Perks of a Built-In Home Gym and Guest Room Combo

At Wallbeds n’ More in Keller, Texas we employ interior design experts to help you make the most out of your new guest oasis / home gym combination room. Your guests may even enjoy the fitness related items that reside in their temporary room. Some of the fun features that people choose to add to their hidden bed home gym space include: 

  • A small personal refrigerator filled with water bottles, cold snacks, and chilled towels for refreshment 
  • Exercise bikes or rowing machines
  • Free-weight systems
  • Yoga mats and stretching bands
  • Exercise balls 
  • Medicine balls and kettlebells
  • Massage tables 
  • Recovery equipment such as foam rollers 


Larger Home Gym Hidden Beds

If you choose one of our larger hidden wall bed models, you can add more storage space to utilize for both your exercise equipment and guest room comforts. Murphy beds that fold into a larger cabinet along the wall give the ability to add features such as cabinetry, a desk, or wardrobes attached to the wall bed. 

Your evening is much more relaxed when you are prepared for an unexpected friend or family member who stops by to spend the night. Having fresh linens, towels, and some other basics on hand that are stored in your wall bed unit is a wonderful idea! 


Prepare for Guests

To make guests’ stay even more comfortable, we suggest having extra conveniences available such as facial tissues, a small bag of toiletries visitors may have forgotten, soft towels and blankets, and an extra phone or laptop charger. 

Because our wall bed units can be customized with shelving, cabinets, accent lighting, drawers, wardrobes, and more, they are an excellent way to double the functionality of your storage space as well. While one side of your unit may hold all the necessities and comforts your overnight guest may require, the other side can hold items like exercise clothes and shoes, fitness equipment, and home gym accessories. 

Adding a wardrobe to your hidden bed is also beneficial, to not only store extra fitness clothing, but also to provide a closet space for your guests. 


Visit Our Hidden Bed Showroom in Keller, Texas

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Our helpful employees will show you around our showroom, allow you to try different types of wall beds and mattresses, and assist you with choosing the one that fits perfectly into your vision for your space. Wallbeds n’ More Keller serves areas in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex and surrounding communities such as: North Lake, Saginaw, Lake Worth, Roanoke, Colleyville, and more.

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