As you consider converting your guest bedroom into a home office, gym, or storage room, you may find your options are limited. You can either get rid of the bed and use the room for another purpose entirely, or transform it into a multipurpose space using a hidden bed. The second alternative undoubtedly offers much more value. Most importantly, it lets you retain your guest bedroom and still create an open space for other uses. 

If this is your current situation, replacing your ordinary bed with a Murphy bed is an excellent idea. Like many other homeowners looking for space saving furniture solutions, you might wonder, “Are Murphy beds comfortable?” This post seeks to answer any doubts you may have about the comfort level of the Murphy beds at Wallbeds n’ More Keller

So, are Murphy Beds Comfortable?

There are a few key factors to consider when determining the comfort level of a Murphy bed. These factors are similar to what makes a traditional bed comfortable, including: 

  • The size of the bed
  • Quality of the construction
  • The selected mattress 

Murphy Bed Sizes

Although most people view a hidden wall bed as a makeshift measure that cannot match the comfort of the ordinary bed, that is far from the truth. In case you feel that your bed is comfortable because of its size, you will be happy to know that our wall bed selection offers many different sizes. 

Note that you don’t need to sacrifice your guest room’s queen-size bed for a smaller Murphy bed. Instead, you can get a wall bed equivalent to your traditional-sized bed. 

Wall Bed Quality

The quality and design of the wall bed you select will have an impact on the restfulness you and your guests will feel. At Wallbeds n’ More Keller all of our Murphy beds are made in the USA using high-quality materials such as real wood. The design of our Murphy bed models provides a sturdy bed frame structure for the mattress to rest upon, eliminating the need for a box spring. 

Selecting a Mattress

Mattresses are something that our customers commonly ask when learning about wall beds. We are happy to inform you that you can use just about any mattress that’s up to 10-12 inches thick depending on which Murphy bed you select! 

In fact, a comfortable bed usually has a lot to do with the mattress. The good news is that our wall beds accommodate a variety of mattresses. For example, if you or your overnight guests grapple with morning or overnight aches, it’s a good idea to opt for an orthopedic mattress for your Murphy bed. 

Benefits of an Orthopedic Mattress

Sometimes hosting your elderly parents or relatives in your home can be challenging. If any of your senior visitors suffer from joint pains, you may ask yourself, “Are Murphy beds comfortable?” Fortunately, you can pair your Murphy bed with an orthopedic mattress, and your guest will sleep without any qualms.

The orthopedic mattress acts as a pressure reliever for anybody with a back, joint, or spine problem. It distributes the body weight of the person sleeping on it evenly. Interestingly, it fosters spine alignment because it is neither too soft nor too firm. 

Foam Mattresses to Use With a Bed in Wall

Alternatively, you can select an all-foam mattress for your wall bed. All-foam mattresses come with several benefits. For example, they provide excellent motion isolation. 

The materials used make these mattresses feel soft without compromising on the quality of body support. Also, you don’t have to pay a premium price for an all-foam mattress because budget options are available.

Memory foam mattresses are also a great option for your Murphy bed. Moreover, the more you sleep on them, the more they adjust themselves to suit your body and sleeping style. 

See for Yourself! 

The bottom line is that wall beds are the most comfortable of the hidden bed furniture options. There’s no need to wrestle with pull-out couches or awkward air mattresses for your guests. Wall beds are a luxurious option for your guest room- while allowing the room to be used for an entirely different purpose most of the year! 

Make an appointment at Wallbeds n’ More Keller to experience the comfort level of a high-quality bed for yourself! Call us or book an appointment online with one of our wall bed specialists today! We are happy to accommodate appointments outside of our regular showroom hours. 

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