If you’re wondering how to hide exercise equipment in the bedroom, Wallbeds “n” More has a simple solution for you! With one of our customizable Murphy beds, you can add all kinds of storage solutions to your furniture unit, so that you can use the equipment when needed and conceal it when you don’t. 

Whether you’re transforming your own room and want the ideal solutions for how to hide exercise equipment in the bedroom, or you are turning your guest room into a personal home gym, Wallbeds “n” More has many different options to choose from. 

The Bradford Model

The Bradford model from Wall beds “n” More has cabinets and desks that are sold separately so that you can determine the size of space you have to work with and then add on additional accessories to fit the specifications of your room. The Bradford can come with built-in lights, cabinets, chests, shelves, drawers, and/or bookcases that can remain exposed or can be covered with cabinet doors to conceal items you’d like to hide. If you choose to add an armoire/wardrobe to your home gym Murphy bed, you can use it to hang clothing or store taller exercise equipment than would fit in normal cabinets. 

Cabinets and drawers are also ideal for storing extra tennis shoes, yoga mats, weights, exercise balls, jump ropes, and other workout equipment. If you don’t want your bedroom to look like a home gym, having these hidden storage features is essential. 

The Bradford model comes in 12 different Alderwood finish options and eight different Oak finish options, and you can customize your cabinet and drawer hardware to match the style of your space.

The California Model

If you’re wondering how to hide exercise equipment in the bedroom while still having a trendy and relaxing sleeping space, the California Murphy bed model from Wall beds “n” More is another perfect choice. The California comes in both oak and alder finish options in 20 different colors and can have a variety of storage features added as attached piers to conceal your workout items including bookshelves and drawers. Cabinets and desks can be attached to either one or both sides of the California model as well, depending on how large your room is and how much space you have to work with.

Another ideal feature of both the California and the Bradford wall bed models is that because the beds fold seamlessly up into the wall when not needed, you can maximize your floor space to provide extra room for exercise or a pre or post-workout stretching routine. If you’d like to utilize a desk or shelf for a TV or computer station so that you can access exercise videos or virtual classes, you can add that to your unit as well.  

Choosing accessories such as a soft carpet underneath the bed means you will have a comfortable space for floor workouts such as Pilates or yoga whenever it’s time to exercise. 

Professional Delivery and Installation Service

At Wall beds “n” More in Keller, Texas, we offer no-hassle Murphy bed installation so that you don’t have to worry about transporting your wall bed or getting it delivered. Our Wallbeds “n” More installation team are experts and take their responsibility seriously, so that your new piece of furniture does not get dented or damaged during transport, and so that it can be securely fastened to the wall and properly assembled for your safety and enjoyment. 

The Highest Quality Murphy Beds in Texas

At Wall beds “n” More in Keller, Texas we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality Murphy beds in Texas. We are your premier Murphy bed library wall supplier in the state and we enjoy working with customers to help make their dreams of more space and convenience a reality. 

Stop by our showroom from 11am-4pm Monday through Saturday or 1pm-4pm on Sunday. You are also welcome to call for an appointment outside those hours by dialing (817) 658–5490. We are located at 790 S. Main St., #415 in Keller, Texas and can’t wait to help you choose a perfect Murphy bed to create an ideal home gym.