Vacation rentals are one of the best ways to make a profit from spare residential space. Whether you have a guest house in the backyard, converted a rental home, or are booking a few cozy investment properties in a portfolio, a vacation rental is all about welcoming guests on their unique travel adventures. 

An ideal VRBO or Airbnb listing is visually appealing, efficient, and flexible for many types of guests and travel plans. You want to design both spacious living areas and a welcoming number of comfortable beds. Chest beds are the perfect way to provide both, even in a small vacation rental home, apartment, or suite.

You can easily add one more bed and two more optional guests to each vacation rental with the right hidden bed design. 

Hidden Beds Create Flexible, Family-Friendly Lodgings

Travelers may fly solo or with friends and family. Your vacation rental will be welcoming to double the number of bookings if you can accommodate 3-5 sleepers instead of just one or two. However, you may not have an extra bedroom to dedicate to the floor space. You can keep that cozy office for business travelers and upgrade to a two-bedroom rental with a hidden bed.

Chest beds and Murphy beds fold out from aesthetically pleasing furniture when they are needed. Thus, allowing you to list each rental as comfortably sleeping one or two additional people per night. This makes your units more family-friendly and welcoming for groups of friends. 

More Comfortable than a Futon or Sofa Bed

Families who travel together often accept that someone will likely take the lumpy, finger-pinching sofa couch. Wall beds, however, are far more comfortable with a full-sized mattress that unfolds into a real bed frame – not just bars and springs under a foldable pallet. 

Even the inconspicuous cabinet bed unfolds into supportive and soft foam sections, better than any futon and easy to make up with cozy, traditional bedding. Our chest beds are available in Twin, Double, and Queen mattress sizes. 

Keep the Living Areas Spacious for Daytime Activities

Vacation rentals also need to be welcoming and spacious for daytime activities. After all, these are often the home base for a full itinerary of touring, shopping, and wild vacation adventures. You need plenty of space for bags, changing clothes, packing meals, and collapsing in front of the TV after a long day.

A Murphy bed that folds away gives your guests that critical floor space – and even some storage – during the day. Some hidden beds provide shelving or drawers that become part of the footing or side sections when the bed is opened. Guests can enjoy their home-base operations and only fold out the bed when it’s time to rest up for another day of adventure. 

Invisible for Small Parties and Business Travelers

What about solo flyers, business travelers, and couples who only need the primary bedroom? With hidden beds, you can leave your vacation rental spacious whenever the extra bed isn’t needed. You can even dedicate that second bedroom as a home office and media room so that the vacation rental remains spacious and welcoming for many uses.

When accommodating one or two guests, your wall bed is just an attractive piece of stand-up furniture that enhances the charm of your rental. 

More Beds, More Guests, More Profits

When designing your vacation rental, there’s no question that more beds mean you can welcome and house more guests. This means more profits overall. You can become an in-demand booking for families and groups of friends with an extra full-sized bed ready to deploy. This way, you can continue to welcome smaller or larger parties alike, while dedicating floorspace to multi-purpose decor instead of beds.

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