Library bookcase wall bed open

Guests bring special energy into our home, making it more vibrant and enjoyable. But the only thing left is figuring out where they’ll sleep! If you’ve made your spare bedroom into an office or place for exercise, what are your options? 

Try the handy magical powers of a bookshelf murphy bed from Wallbeds n’ More Keller. Instead of having a typical bulky bed frame structure that takes up floor space, this unique bed folds up against a wall, making it accessible at all times and freeing up floor space in your home.

Once guests leave, you can fold away the bed, leaving a useful and stylish shelving unit. Keep reading to learn about this great space-saving solution!


Why a Bookshelf Murphy Bed?

Our bookshelf murphy bed looks like a normal bookshelf from the outside, but the interior folds down to offer enough space for two people to sleep with a queen or king size mattress. This modular design stands out because it doesn’t require special tools, strength, or expertise to transition from bookshelf to spacious bed.

Benefits will you reap from this type of wall bed:

  1. Maximize your home’s space: Our murphy beds are extremely space-efficient. When not in use, the bed can be folded into the bookshelf, freeing up valuable floor space.
  2. Versatility: You can use it as a bed and then raise it up into a bookshelf when you don’t. This way, you’ll perfectly maximize an apartment, studio, or any home’s square footage. 
  3. Style: The Library model is an especially great way to add a little whimsy to your home. A bookshelf murphy bed can make a statement in a room and be a great conversation starter.
  4. Durability: Our wall beds are made from high-quality handcrafted wood and are built to last. You can rest assured knowing that your murphy bed will withstand the test of time
  5. Custom options: At Wallbeds n’ More in Keller, TX we offer a wide range of customization options for our hidden beds such as size, type of wood, finish color, and hardware type, i.e., handles or drawer pulls. 
  6. Affordability: We believe everyone should have access to a quality wall bed, so we offer our beds at a reasonable price. Ask about our financing options! 

Add a Bookshelf to Most Wallbed Models

The options when customizing a wall bed can seem limitless. You can pick enclosed or open cabinet doors for your bookshelves. Open wall bed cabinets are excellent for displaying artwork and photographs. Putting piers (cabinets) on either side of a wall bed improves its utility. 

To ensure that your new collection of furniture blends in with the rest of your home, our bookshelf murphy beds come in a range of wood and color options to select from. All in all, we can tailor-make our bookshelf murphy bed designs to exactly fit your preferences and requirements. And because of our endless personalization options, this furniture becomes more valuable and is guaranteed to serve your home for many years.

A bookshelf wall bed is a fantastic way to make a cozy library corner, creative display, and storage space for extra blankets. Additionally, it is simple to transform into a welcoming space for visitors to spend the night. All you need to do is fold down the bed, and voila – the instant guest bedroom!


Order Your Bookshelf Murphy Bed Today

Wallbeds n’ More Keller is proud to offer this unique and innovative product, which combines smart design with quality handcrafted construction. The bed is a true work of art – a beautiful piece of furniture that converts into a regular-size bed in seconds by simply lowering it down from the vertical position. 

Stop by our showroom in Texas during our business hours. We are also pleased to accommodate you outside of our typical showroom hours. Just schedule a consultation with one of our space-maximizing experts or call us at (817) 658-5450. 

We are dedicated to providing you with bedroom furniture that helps the space around it look neat while maintaining functionality when needed! Wallbeds n’ More Keller serves clients in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, Denton, Southlake, Arlington, Trophy Club, and more.